Don't waste your time on me (blahblahblah18) wrote in w_f_a_n_s,
Don't waste your time on me


How would you members like it if I did a slightly jazzed up layout for us and maybe some banners to advertise us with? I'd need Kyle and Kachie's approval of course, but I'm hoping they'll reply to this too to tell me if it's a-ok. Afterall, this community has great potential and could really pick up with some proper advertising, and while the black and white is cute, soemthing cheerier might catch more eyes. =) I don't have many examples of my web designing at the moment besides some of my sites, Sakuranbo and Love Is In A Stalkerism, respectively, but here are some blends I've made (free for the taking for anybody, by the way, I don't use them much anyway. Also, click on them to full view or they're horribly squished up.)

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